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Residential Services of Northeastern Minnesota, Inc. Direct Support Professional (DSP) in Mora, Minnesota

1. Report to scheduled shifts, training sessions and staff meetings as assigned and in accordance with the Staffing and Attendance policy. Find replacements when unable to cover shifts. Responsible for punching in and out for shifts and submitting accurate timesheets by the required due date. Complete assignments within established timelines. 2. Encourage individual empowerment by promoting participation in support service development and provide persons receiving services with information necessary to understand and make informed choices. 3. Use sensitive communication skills to build rapport and open channels of communication acknowledging individual s ideas and concerns, responding in an appropriate and respectful manner. 4. Respond to the needs, desires and interests of people receiving services through proper review, implementation and assessment of services, in accordance with the individual support plans, providing continuous feedback. 5. Provide support to individuals to identify, plan, and connect within their community with activities and events of their choice and network with other organizations to identify and overcome obstacles or barriers. 6. Support the individual in building and strengthening interpersonal skills necessary to develop and maintain friendships and other personal relationships promoting positive interactions and safe behavior. 7. Work collaboratively with the person receiving services and their support team members (e.g. Case manager, co-workers, family/friends) to implement individual support plans following ethical standards of practice (e.g., confidentiality, informed consent) when providing and facilitating services to individuals. 8. Assist persons receiving services in meeting basic physical needs (e.g., health, grooming, bathing, toileting, eating) as well as personal management needs (e.g. human development, human sexuality) and encourage independence. 9. Schedule and attend trainings and meetings as outlined in the Staff Training policy in accordance with applicable licensing rules and RSI procedures. 10. Serve as an advocate for persons receiving services by understanding and communicating their individual needs, wants and choices. 11. Provide vocational, education and career support based upon the individual needs of the person receiving services. 12. Provide appropriate supervision and crisis prevention intervention and resolutions techniques, following agency policies and procedures, risk management plans and individual support plans. 13. Represent RSI in a professional, responsible and respectful manner in accordance with the organizational mission and philosophy while adhering to agency policies and procedures at all times. 14. Complete thorough and accurate documentation ensuring all required documentation is completed by the end of shift. Provide quality documentation using specific, objective and descriptive language respecting individual confidentiality at all times. 15. Report improper or suspicious behavior, misconduct of co-workers, and any/all suspected violations of policy to a supervisor within 24 hours of becoming aware of the problem. Submit a written narrative of the report to the on call Supervisor within 72 hours of becoming aware of the problem. Report any suspected abuse or neglect of a consumer to the on-call supervisor or common entry point within 24 hours of becoming aware of the problem. 16. Assist persons receiving services with household management (e.g. shopping, meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, budgeting, banking) and transportation allowing them to achieve maximum independence based upon individual skills and abilities. Complete assigned household tasks. 17. Handle and maintain individual/agency finances ethically, honesty and accurately with appropriate documentation and receipts. 18. Promote health and wellness of all persons receiving services through health maintenance and prevention strategies such as proper diet and exercise; provide