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Job Information

Inframark Clubhouse Manager in Parrish, Florida

Job Description


• Ensure safe and presentable overall appearance of District property and facilities.

• Represent the District in interactions with residents and guests on a day-to-day basis.

• Display flexibility in handling after-hours emergency calls.

• When requested, attend District Board of Supervisor meetings.

• Provide the best possible customer service to the residents and guests to maintain a safe

and comfortable environment.

• Handle interactions with residents professionally and forward their questions, concerns,

and requests to the District Manager prior to making commitments.

Administrative Responsibilities:

• Responsible for day-to-day operations of District facilities in compliance with District Policies

and Rules as follows.

• Maintain on-site copies of District Records in accordance with the Forest Creek CDD Rules

of Procedure, Rule 1.1 (4) and 1.2, and the Forest Creek CDD Records Management Policy.

• Provide notification of significant events in accordance with Forest Creek CDD Significant

Events Policy.

• Prepare any incident or accident reports and forward to the District Manager.

• Submit a monthly Operations Manager report to the District Manager. Include:

Maintenance actions

Administrative actions

Interactions with residents

Incidents and issues

Purchase Log


• Purchase (via Consultant supplied debit card) supplies, consumables, and other items as

approved by the District, and timely review and monthly submission of invoices.

• Post signage as directed by District Management.

• Maintain preventative maintenance records and inventories.

• Maintain and manage warranties, regular maintenance, and inspections for the facilities as

needed (fire inspections, pest control, mechanical systems, security alarms.).

Facility Access Management:

• Process FOB and Windshield gate purchase requests. Maintain log of all transactions and

submit a monthly report to the Finance Team.

• Coordinate access activation with the appropriate vendor (Envera or Gate Pros).

• Update FOB and vehicle gate access databases (call box).

• Request Video pulls for all pool/spa incidents and entry gate incidents and submit to

District Manager and District Counsel as required.

Facility Property Management:

• Contact vendors for maintenance issues as needed.

• Work with assigned contractors to ensure quality service is provided to the District.

• Meet with prospective vendors for proposals, quotes, etc.

• Prepare and obtain quotes for services when directed by the District Manager or CDD

Board in accordance with Forest Creek CDD Rules of Procedure chapter 3.

• Minor repairs to facilities and equipment, as necessary.

• Oversee workplace operations to maintain and improve effectiveness and efficiency.

• Process and manage work orders as needed.

• Annual review of CDD property insurance (add new property, update values, etc.) and

report to District Manager in advance of insurance binder updates.

District Facility Specific Tasks:

• Clubhouse:

Daily: Clean clubhouse, restrooms. Pick up parking lot litter and blow off debris

as required.

Weekly: Deep clean of club house restrooms.

Bi-Monthly: (every 60 days): replace HVAC filters. Lubricate door hinges and


As required: Setup for CDD meetings. Interior and exterior painting.

• Pool & SPA (and breezeway):

Daily: Blow off pool deck, clean (sanitize as required) and arrange furniture,

empty, and clean all receptacles, and adjust umbrellas. Check operation of pool,

spa, shower, and plant drip system. Clean SPA skimmer basket. Ensure required

safety equipment is in good order. Check operation of Lightning Detector. Ensure

Pool Equipment area is locked.

Monthly: Pressure wash pool deck and clean light fixtures. Check Emergency

Phone operation.

As required: Replace light bulbs and remove wasp nests and cobwebs. Adjust

pool water lever for proper skimmer operation.

• Pool Cabanas:

Daily: Clean (sanitize as required) and arrange furniture, clean fans, empty and

clean all receptacles, and adjust umbrellas. Turn off all fans at closing.

As required: Replace light bulbs and remove wasp nests and cobwebs.

• Grill Area:

Daily: Clean (sanitize as required) and arrange furniture, clean fan, empty and

clean all receptacles.

Weekly: Clean Grill grates, check propane levels.

As required: Replace light bulbs and remove wasp nests and cobwebs.

• Fitness Center:

Daily: Clean exercise equipment, check temperature settings, check that all

windows are closed and locked.

Weekly: Vacuum floor, clean windows, and door. Check TV and remote batteries.

• Parking Lots (clubhouse and flagpole):

Daily: Pick up litter, blow off debris.

• Basketball Court:

Daily: Clear debris.

• Playgrounds (2):

Weekly: check for hazards and treat for insects and ants. Power wash club

house playground as required.

• Dog Park:

Daily: Ensure all gates are secure, check for hazards.

• Parks and Nature Trails:

Weekly: Empty waste receptacles, remove debris from walking paths, and check

for hazards.

As required: refill Doggie Stations bags.

Empty Doggie Stations on weeks that landscaping vendor does not.

• Vehicle Entrances:

Daily: Check for proper operation, pick up debris.

Weekly: Check for loose bolts, lubricate swing bars.

• Roads:

Monthly: Check conditions of roads, sidewalks and curbs, street signs,

monuments, and informational signs.

• Perform minor repairs to equipment and facilities as needed.

• (Supplies and equipment are not included in this proposal.)

An Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or protected veteran status and will not be discriminated against on the basis of disability.