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Level Playing Field Institute 2021 SMASH Virtual Workshop Facilitator -Wharton in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Organization: SMASH

Program: SMASH Academy

Title: SMASH Virtual Workshop Facilitator

Location: Virtual (100% Remote)

Reports to: Site Director

Position Type: Part-time, temporary

About Us and Our Philosophy:

Founded in 2001, SMASH ( is an Oakland-based nonprofit organization that operates SMASH Academy, a year-round STEM-focused program that serves underrepresented high school students. In tandem, SMASH conducts research examining inequity in access and opportunity across K-12, higher education, and workplace contexts in order to improve the outcomes for underrepresented students in STEM fields.

SMASH Academy is typically a five week, three-year STEM residential academic acceleration program for motivated, high school students from underrepresented populations (African-American, Latinx/Hispanic, Southeast Asian and/or Pacific Islander, and Native American), who have demonstrated an aptitude for science and math.

Due to the current global pandemic, SMASH will be pivoting to an abbreviated, 4-week SMASH Virtual model for Summer 2021. Though scholars will no longer partake in the residential component of SMASH, we are committed to providing highly impactful programming to our scholars.

This is not for the faint of heart. But If you think you have what it takes to dare to change the face of STEM, join us.


The Opportunities:

Reporting to the Site Director, Virtual Facilitators will play an integral role in delivering and sustaining the transformative educational experience that SMASH Scholars need to pursue, persist, and succeed in college and STEM careers. Note that there are opportunities to facilitate a single workshop and multiple workshops as well (all outlined below). We highly encourage applicants to consider facilitating multiple workshops, if possible. See below for workshop descriptions and responsibilities.

STEM Workshop: Facilitators will guide a group of around 10 scholars (5 scholars per project team) through a design sprint during which they will use technology to create a prototype that addresses a social issue of their choice. Scholars will work in various configurations including whole- group, small group, and individually. In addition to facilitating scholars’ exploration of technical skills, facilitators will support scholars with project management, collaboration and other workforce readiness traits. Strong STEM Workshop Facilitators will empower scholars to take ownership of their own learning and teach through inquiry rather than providing knowledge for scholars. This is a shift from the traditional model of education and requires letting scholars lead, and stepping in to guide in the right direction when necessary. Summer learning will culminate in a final project presentation and the chance to win a national competition consisting of competitors from all regions.

To+Through (College Success): Facilitators will guide a group of around 5-10 scholars through our To+Through Curriculum. The curriculum provides scholars with the vital skills needed to embark upon all aspects of the college admissions process. Workshops focus on: financial aid support, identity development, writing, general college application support, and college fit. To+Through Facilitators will support scholars in their growth and development by facilitating whole group and individual sessions designed to guide scholars through their college readiness journey. This could include, but not limited to: class requirements, navigating financial aid, and socio-emotional issues that can affect academic achievement.

CS Workshop: CS Workshop Facilitators will work alongside two TAs. The CS Workshop is a scholar-centered course that allows scholars to develop CS skills by way of projects and challenges in Python. In addition to facilitating scholars’ development of CS skills, facilitators will support scholars in understanding the importance of CS as a work readiness skill and ways in which CS applies to scholars’ career interests. Strong CS Workshop Facilitators will empower scholars to take ownership of their own learning and teach through inquiry rather than providing answers for scholars. While the Facilitator will lead the class, the TAs will be instrumental in supporting scholars during work time and collaborating with the Facilitator around scholar needs.

What you will do:

This is a 5-week assignment, with an additional commitment of training prior to launch, and a half-day close out after SMASH (see chart below for dates).

This is a 100% remote position. The position can be done virtually, from a home office or, if feasible, from any virtual location with reliable Internet connection (at least 25 Mbps download speed). The responsibilities listed below demand a quiet space and we expect facilitators to provide their own equipment. (If you cannot provide your own equipment, please speak with your Site Director.) You will need a personal computer (desktop or laptop) that has a working webcam, speaker and microphone for video conferencing capabilities (i.e. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex).

Although the majority of the position will function as described below, some aspects are subject to change due to evolving program needs.

The following table outlines the available roles and hours for virtual facilitation. Additional time commitments are part of the role and included in the below key responsibilities section.

Key responsibilities include but are not limited to those listed below.

  • Attend Training (see dates above)

  • Adhere to Structure of Curriculum Provided by SMASH

  • Facilitate Workshop Sessions

  • Alternate between whole group, small group, and individual facilitation

  • Take attendance and communicate absences with Site Director and/or PC

  • Facilitate virtual learning through inquiry

  • Field questions from the chat box and bring them to the facilitator’s attention when appropriate

  • Keep track of time

  • Ensure technical logistics are in order (e.g. mute participants, set up break out rooms, alert PC of technical issues)

  • Communicate with Co-facilitator (when applicable) to ensure smooth lesson delivery

  • Guide conversation between participants, ensuring all voices are heard

  • Manage the space to ensure outcomes are met for the day and that the group is on track relative to larger outcomes and goals for the summer

  • Lead with Restorative Practices (build relationships with scholars and colleagues, solve issues together through dialogue)

  • Continuously assess scholar learning, provide feedback, and pivot as needed

  • Log student achievement data on a weekly basis

  • Attend Weekly Staff Meetings (1hr)

  • Attend Weekly Site Community Meetings (1hr)

  • Attend Staff Closeout (6-9hrs pending number of roles, Week 5)

  • Ensure Completion of Deliverables (e.g. log pre + post assessment scores, attendance, staff surveys, final inventory, etc.)

The attributes you possess:

  • Collaboration: Exceptional communication skills; professionalism; excellent time management and organizational skills; timeliness and dependability; ability to have difficult conversations

  • Relationship Building (Restorative Mindset): Respect for individual differences of everyone in the room; humility; patience when addressing situations; ability to listen to multiple perspectives

  • Problem Solving: Remain curious, innovate, iterate, and quickly pivot as needed; keep activities on task and think creatively in the face of unexpected events; consider multiple perspectives in all situations

  • Resilience: Approach situations with a growth mindset, adapt, and reflect to ensure desired outcome(s) are met; sense of urgency

  • Life-long Learner: Willingness to model learning and figure out content alongside scholars; open to feedback; learning from what scholars have to offer

Skills you bring:

  • Commitment to SMASH’s mission; willingness to embrace goals/values is essential

  • Demonstrated experience and success co-facilitating workshops (preferably at high school level)

  • A belief that ALL scholars are capable of growing and achieving as learners

  • Previous experience with adopting and adapting to new technologies through self-guidance and video tutorials

  • Knowledge of 21st Century skills

  • Demonstrated effectiveness working with low-income, first generation college youth of color

  • Excellent management skills

  • Openness to various and/or new pedagogical and facilitation approaches

  • Virtual learning experience a plus

Application Information:

Apply for this position below and ensure you can make the training and program dates (see table in above section of Job Description). If applying to multiple sites, please rank your site preference in the application.

The application includes a place to upload your resume and cover letter and to provide written responses to specific prompts. This position will close when filled.


This is a non-exempt position. See below table for total base compensation for the various roles. The total base compensation includes 50 hours of training (65.25 hours for multiple roles) in May and June (combination of synchronous and asynchronous, including weekend of scholar onboarding) and 6 hours of closeout (9 hours for multiple roles) one week after Virtual Academy -- (returning bonus may also be available). Should the employee miss any hours or days of work, the daily and therefore total compensation will be adjusted accordingly. If your assignment ends earlier than we anticipate for any reason, your compensation may also be reduced accordingly. Please note, pay will be variable per pay period based on part-time and full-time phases of the program. These policies are subject to variation based on specific circumstances.

Statement of Non-Discrimination:

In keeping with our beliefs and goals, no employee or applicant will face discrimination/harassment based on: race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, age, gender, marital/domestic partner status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, or veteran status. Above and beyond discrimination/harassment based on “protected categories,” SMASH also strives to prevent other subtler forms of inappropriate behavior (i.e., stereotyping) from ever gaining a foothold in our office. Whether blatant or hidden, barriers to success have no place at SMASH.

We value a diverse workforce: people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.