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Public Citizen Social Media and Digital Organizing Director in Washington, District Of Columbia

Public Citizen is a national, non-partisan, public interest group with over 400,000 members and supporters. Since its inception in 1995, Public Citizen?s Global Trade Watch (GTW) has been a leader in popularizing, the globalization and trade debate by connecting these seemingly arcane policies to people?s everyday experiences ? and helping people make a difference in the future of globalization by giving them the tools they need to educate their communities, hold Congress accountable for policy choices and hit the streets to protest. GTW works with diverse national and international coalitions. Today?s ?trade? arrangements, such as the recently derailed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and ever-damaging the North American Free Trade Agreement, have become powerful tools to expand corporate power and lock in new corporate rights. Decisions that affect our daily lives are shifted to venues where those who will live with the results have no role. Unless this ?trade? regime is changed, many hard-won public interest policies and the progressive goals for which many strive today ? from economic justice to combating climate chaos from improved access to health care and affordable medicines to internet freedom from avoiding future financial crises to food safety protections ? are at risk. The goal of our work is to empower people, the majority of whom are the losers under the current ?trade? model, to build demand for change.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF POSITION: The Social Media and Digital Organizing Director develops and leads multifaceted social media programs and campaigns and digital strategies to further public education, communications, advocacy, and brand-building goals. The Social Media and Digital Organizing Director oversees all of Global Trade Watch?s social media and online platforms and supervises related staff. Candidates must have high-level strategic and technical capacity and experience managing teams and coordinating projects and programs.


Strategy and Planning

  • Design multifaceted social media programs that combine multiple platforms and tactics to achieve public education, communications, advocacy, and brand-building goals.

  • Plan multi-year digital initiatives to expand organizational visibility, reach across social media and email organizing platforms.

  • Develop metrics and targets for each social media platform and online advocacy program.

  • Monitor trends in social media and ensure organization is early adapting to new effective platforms and practices and prepare proposals and budgets to add new tools and platforms.

  • Train other staff on best practices with respect to platforms needed to fulfill plans.

  • Develop budgets for social media campaigns and programs.


  • Supervise the work of in-house staff producing memes, videos, tweets and other social media content.

  • Manage web coordinators

  • responsible for GTW?s main website and its microsites, including:,,, and

  • Manage online advocacy programs and an active group of more than 700 digital volunteers .

  • Track analytics for social media, websites and on-line advocacy and develop plans to improve performance.

  • Monitor social media metrics to inform grassroots strategies/targeting and online advocacy efforts.

  • Work with cross-organizational teams and national coalition partners to plan joint strategies for social media campaigns, and, where appropriate, lead coordinated campaign plans.

  • Maintain relationships with social media and digital campaign staffs of coalition partners and Congressional members and conduct outreach to create new relationships with those with wide reach who might amplify our message.

  • Manage consultants, contractors, and video shooting and post-production crews.


  • Produce high-end videos including drafting scripts, shooting, editing, and planning coordinated release strategies to maximize dissemination across organization and coalition platforms.

  • Produce animations, layered GIFs and images, embedded feature tweets and other high-end content.

  • Design and manage GTW?s main website and its microsites, including:,,, and

  • Design and distribute interactive online activist toolkits featuring sample email alerts, social media content, and other helpful resources to streamline collaboration and engagement among coalition partners and Congressional staff.

  • Design and produce and oversee interactive website content management, including: web graphics/GIFs, interactive maps, infographics, and long-form online reports.

  • Customize commercial platforms to suit campaign and program needs.

  • Design, create, and update new branding including logos, taglines, and hashtags for GTW?s campaigns and coalitions.

  • Design print graphic materials to enhance the work of GTW?s field team. Deliverables include: flyers, reports, fact sheets, large posters, wheatpasting, placards, bumper stickers, buttons, and other campaign-related materials.

    Public Education and Advocacy

  • Work with campaign teams to design multiplatform social media aspects of campaign plans and manage execution to further public education, generate press attention and mobilize grassroots activity, including managing campaign activities on branded and non-branded websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

  • Coordinate with Public Citizen?s social media and web teams to amplify trade-related content across organization platforms.

  • Design online strategies to grow grassroots lists, motivate action and elevate the organizations? online presence and its issues and to engage activists in higher level actions, identify superactivists and create opportunities to transfer online activist engagement into field activist engagement.

  • Pro-actively seek and oversee list growth opportunities, including website lead generation and coalition list-swap coordination.

  • Create and track digital advertisements, especially Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Develop micro-targeting plans and correlating ad buys.


    Education: College degree required.

    Knowledge: Expert knowledge of social media, digital campaigning and online advocacy techniques; Extensive knowledge of social media and online content platforms and best practices; Extensive knowledge of software and web technologies, including, but not limited to: scrappy coding and server-side web development,, Content Management System web applications (Drupal, WordPress, TypePad), HTML5/CSS/PHP, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and WYSIWYG, video and web editing as well as animation. Extensive knowledge of Web standards (including accessibility standards) and Google Analytics. Expert knowledge of Microsoft Office environment (Word, Access, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint). Familiarity with legislative campaigning a plus.

    Work Experience: At least five years of social media, video production, online organizing or communications experience or a comparable mix of relevant experience. At least five years of video production, social media content creation, web design and writing experience through employment required. Experience managing teams and contractors. Experience with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. Experience using advanced analytics and with micro-targeting. Experience training others on social media platforms and best practices.

    Skills: Excellent strategic planning, project management, web, design, writing, video shooting and editing, and computer skills. Desire and ability to make complex policy proposals accessible and compelling to a variety of audiences. Strong interpersonal and supervisory skills. High-end production skills including composition/layering, photo-editing, and animation. Advanced understanding of the tools required to effectively implement a robust social media program, including but not limited to:

  • Advanced Analytics, including: Use of Google Marketing Platform (specifically: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, AdWords) to create custom dashboards, content and audience drilldowns to identify content consumption and acquisition trends and set up recurring reports; manipulate, cleanup/standardize, and analyze data in Excel using formulas such as VLOOKUP, MATCH, COUNTIF, conditional formatting, pivot tables, and charts and graphs; ability to analyze large datasets in excel in order to identify engagement and performance trends that will make digital and organizing campaigns more effective; ad monitoring including Facebook Ads Manager, Sprout Social, Google Adwords Manager; reporting in CRM tools such as Salsa, Mobile Commons, and Action Network; basic understanding of database structures; basic wildcard searching using REGEX;

  • Video/Audio Editing & Graphics Production, including: video editing, including Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro; sound editing including Adobe Audition, Apple Soundtrack Pro and Audacity; color grading including Adobe Speedgrade and Adobe Color; graphics editing including Adobe Photoshop (raster graphics), Adobe Illustrator (vector graphics), Inkscape (vector graphics); and print production including Adobe InDesign.

  • Online Advertising, including: Google Adwords including keywords searches, advertising display, and video preroll; Facebook Ads Manager including creating custom target segments using subscriber data; understanding of Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Mil (CPM), Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) rates and the ability to optimize ad campaigns according to these rates in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency; ability to design effective digital advertising creative and copy for multiple ad platforms and devices; ability to create and set segmented targeting; ability to set up remarketing and conversion pixels and ability to integrate advertising campaigns into existing analytics goals and pipelines.

  • Web Development, including: Set up mobile-responsive WordPress and Drupal Atrium websites that integrate forms from online CRMs, analytics, and advertising pixels; create members-only sections with restricted content; manage and set up DNS records and subdomains; ability to improve SEO and Opengraph social media integration; set up form validation and autofill using Javascript; set up members-only multimedia sharing and collaborative editing platforms using open source technologies; and design and setup up surveys and Code web forms.

  • Digital Organizing, including: Salsa and Action Network email blast and online action tools including understanding of Open Rates, Click Rates, Click-to-Open Rates, Bounce Rates, and Unsubscribe Rates, ability to create responsive email templates using HTML tables, media queries and CSS; and ability to create advanced reports using queries; use of Mobile Commons text blast and call action tools including ability to set up mobile flows, opt-in paths, interactive quizzes; ability to create dynamic email/SMS content using Liquid markup language; knowledge/Understanding of ladders of engagement, targeted/segmented digital communications based on past performance and demographic criteria, online organizing tools and tactics, and online to offline organizing; ability to create multi-channel digital campaign plans that meet organizing goals; knowledge of core organizing principles and experience creating digital advertising strategies to support and enhance organizing effort.

    Capabilities: Self-directed, creative and able to envision, plan and implement long-term strategies and campaigns. Highly motivated, well organized and able to multi-task under pressure. Able to work well with a wide range of people both in a team-based environment and within the overall organizational structure. Adaptable to different work processes, styles and sometimes fluid work agendas. Ability to inspire a team, give clear direction, and cooperate with peers within and outside organization. Winning attitude and sense of humor required.

    Conditions: A strong interest in social media, digital campaigning and online organizing and a commitment to public interest advocacy.

    SALARY AND BENEFITS: Competitive salary and benefit package. Below is a list of some of our benefits (please note that some benefits have eligibility requirements).

    Benefits include:

  • Great medical and dental coverage, including full coverage for children

  • Three weeks paid vacation for new employees, plus five personal days

  • 401K plan with a 5% contribution from PC after one year of employment

  • 12 weeks of paid parental leave after one year of employment

  • Sabbatical after 10 years of employment

  • Student loan reimbursement program

    TO APPLY :

    Please send a cover letter, resume (o ptional is an online portfolio of their video/design work) to . No phone calls.

    Public Citizen is an equal opportunity employer. Public Citizen employees are proud members of SEIU Local 500. People of color, women and LGBT candidates are encouraged to apply.